Unable to commit to subversion archive

This was quite annoying. I have tried several commits in a row blaming network connection and all kinds of gremlins. I have updated Ubuntu server, but still getting the same error:

svn: E175008: At least one property change failed; repository is unchanged
svn: E175002: Server sent unexpected return value (400 Bad Request) in response to PROPPATCH request for 'some file name'

What was suspicious that removing one file did not help. Then I have looked in the Apache log file on the server, where I found the following:

Could not get next bucket brigade ...

Searching further brought no direct cure except for an advice to switch antivirus off. Well, yeah, not for my setup.

So the solution was pretty simple. Split the commit in multiple chunks and submit them separately. Basically I have issued several svn revert commands on folders, and voila, it worked! Not very nice if you want to have one commit, but at least you’re not stuck anymore.

It seems that subversion has problems with large commits :(, although that does not result in a clear error.

I hope this helps somebody!