Blog moved to a new hosting!

Due to numerous setbacks with previous hosting and the sheer slowness of access I finally decided to move the whole thing (including a bunch of other sites I own) to the new hosting.

I hope you enjoy the new location with better responsiveness and less issues with site being down. It will cost me more, but having a good hosting is something you expect these days and many people take for granted. What is also true is that the cheapest is pretty far from the best if you talk in terms of support and performance you get back.

Anyway, for those interested, I have moved from Lunarpages to InMotion Hosting, so far better experience, although it took me some half an hour to find out why SSH didn’t work for shared hosting. No, you don’t have to setup WHM (it does not work for shared hosting), you need to use port 2222 :).

Happy new year and happy blogging!