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My name is Oleksii Bidiuk. I was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, but since 1999 I happen to live in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. I started programming when I was a kid. My father asked me to write small programs as a precondition for playing computer games. I loved to play, so we had a deal! I have stopped playing games for long time now, but programming remains my passion for life. Now I am an owner of a small company called Profigent specialized in software development and outsourcing.

I started with Basic, switched to Pascal, learned C and (a bit of) Fortran, programmed in Assembly language for small embedded systems and made several attempts to learn C++ before starting professional career in software development. Since my first serious software job I have mostly used C, C#/.Net and C++ on Windows and Linux platforms, learned Perl and Ruby, PHP and finally felt in love with Python.

As for hobbies I love to do all kinds of *nix system administration tasks like setting up Web servers, but I also enjoy writing Web-based applications, setting up databases and doing all kind of daily life scripting which I love to share with others.

By the way, I happen to have other hobbies as well, but they fall totally out of technical scope of this blog :).

I hope you find information in this blog useful.


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