Chello (ISP) frustration

Yesterday was a nig eye-opener / frustrating night for me. After getting really fed up and even more convinced that my 30/7 kbps download/upload is not a common practice I have started with an investigation on who is doing this to my internet connection. Well, it took my laziness almost two years to get to this point, which also says how much I use my internet connection, but anyway…

First, I assumed it is me. What’s new, a techie that has more devices at home than braincells can definitely screw things up. I am one of those types. Here is the original setup:

  • Arris TM502B/220 cable modem provided to me generously by my ISP Chello (The Netherlands);
  • Linksys WRT54GL with Tomato formware (upgraded to 1.25 as one of the actions below);
  • Numerous devices eventually connecting to the router to get their (drops of) Internet connection.

The last drop was when a friend of mine who had presumably cheaper internet connection claimed higher upload speed than what I had. Let’s nail it down… Well, after hours of googling and changing the settings of my router’s firmware I’ve got zero result. Next step – hardware.

First, I have tried to connect to the modem directly excluding the router (which was my initial suspicion due to QoS settings and who-knows-what-else). This didn’t improve things even a bit. Still the same frustrating numbers (ses below).

Second, the most crusial step. Change the modem itself. Luckily I still have an old Motorola modem (no VoIP phone connection, but I don’t use it anyway). When I’ve got my new modem they didn’t take away the old one, so why not to try. This time luck was definitly on my side, since connecting the old modem worked like a charm, so additional setup was needed. Direct connection didn’t work though, so I had to connect to the router. So be it, it is the desired setup in any case. And then…


I run the and I gt the numbers which raised my eyebrows in a huge frustration. Ok, first of myself that I have waited so long to get to this point, but second because of my ISP sending me crap. So here it is:

Setup with Arris modem, the results of, (<laugh>):

  • Download 0.25 Mbps
  • Upload 0.06 Mpbps


With the old Motorola modem:

  • Download 15.57 Mbps
  • Upload 1.45 Mpbps

Feel the difference!

I immediately put back QoS to make sure I (or my wife :)) don’t eat up the whole bandwidth with one download and forced myself to put back the Arris modem back on the shelf carefully not breaking it in pieces.

The new modem (Arris) was cutting my connection ridiculously while the only added feature (phone connection) was not used by me at all. I will be cancelling my subscription(s) soon I think and reshaping my package to higher internet only. This costed me too much waiting time and frustrations to keep it like this for the last TWO YEARS!

p.s. Both modems provide basic information on and the old Motorola with firmware copyrighted in 2002 has even settings like enabling DHCP (which I don’t need and even don’t want) configurable, while Arris’es settings are kept behind the (unknown to me) password.