Win Mobile – BlackBerry sync

Since mobile phone service providers are keen on bundling service with some new shining pieces of hardware (otherwise some services becomes suddenly unavailable), this was the time I could a new piece of mobile engineering for myself. It was 2 years ago when I’ve got my Windows Mobile 6 HTC Keiser II thingy and as one can imagine there is quite some information piled up in it since then.

I have downsized my field of choice to two options: hyped media-driven video-oriented iPhone (which would have been a nice addition to my range of Apple devices) and a business-oriented true keyboard but small screen BlackBerry Bold. Well, easy to guess from the title – I’ve chosen for Bold. I am not as media-oriented person and I do love typing (even if it is a query for Google); I doubt the hype of iPhone (although BB also has quote some) and… I don’t like T-Mobile which is the only option I have in the piece of land I happen to inhabit. I require good service for the money I normally pay monthly, so sorry, T-Mobile, you have some homework to do. Vodafone is still beating you left and right. So here I go, one hour later than I have expected with a new (flat and wide) piece of Canadian (well, sort of ;)) hardware in my pocket. Some more thorough review to come, but before anything else I miss some vital data on this thing. Namely contacts and calendar. I miss a part of memory in my head which was supposed to keep this data for me for years now, so I need something else (external) to help me out with it.

Well, having a Mac does not give much sync options for non-standard (read non-Apple or old/primitive) devices. Buying software is against my programming nature and since I need it once (for now) why do it anyway. And then I remembered something about Google sync… A short search around revealed that I can do just what I need, although I may get some noise from Google which saved every since e-mail address as a separate contact. Hmm. Better more than less.

Starting with the source. It took me some time to figure out, although it is described at Google sync Win Mobile page. Here are the settings that actually worked for me:

  • user:
  • password: your_google_account_password
  • domain: leave grayed out (whenever @ symbol is entered, done automagically)

Do NOT select synchronizing tasks! This will result in an error and a lot of time in restoring the device as you cannot change the settings (account, domain) for some unthinkable for me reason after you have tried to sync once.

Anyway, after I have figured out that I wanted too much and only put the settings as described above it finally worked. I’ve got my data in Google.

Second step, BB. Well, feel the difference. Just download the app from using the BB browser and the only info you type in is your GMail credentials. No place for mistake.

Ok, the first disappointment. No option to sync the COMPLETE calendar. Why? No idea. I could put all events from my Windows Mobile device, but not get them back. Hmmm. Not exactly what I have expected, but better than nothing and it is after all FREE :).